Healthy living 2: Exercises for good health

Healthy living is about how you move and live.

Healthy living involves exercises that you will make you keep healthy.

Let us look at some exercises that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to keep you healthy.

Exercises for healthy living


Incorporate brisk walking into your lifestyle. As you are walking, you are working the muscles of your body. The limbs, and other parts of the body. you are keeping fit. You are burning off excess fat. You are burning off excess weight. You are becoming more healthy.

  • Walk with your wife
  • walk with your children
  • walk with your friends
  • walk with your dogs.
  • walk alone

it is time to do away with a sedentary lifestyle. Learn to walk around in the evenings after work instead of driving. You can visit your neighbor, friends that are living close by on foot instead of driving.


Benefits of walking

Brisk walking helps your health to pump blood actively

it burns off muscle and body fat.

It eliminates excess fat.

It tones the muscles of the body

it eliminates various ailments.

increases your lifespan

it improves your memory

it improves cardiovascular fitness.

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Types of gears used for walking:

With the right shoes, walking becomes an easy chore.