Women and weight gain or belly fat deposition

Most women discovered that when they passed a certain age threshold that their metabolism slows down and the accumulation of belly fat or weight gain becomes more obvious. A lot of the women have tried their best in managing this situation. I am here to explain why this is so.

Women in their 30’s

Generally for women in their 30’s, weight then to get stickier. Their metabolism has become less efficient than as it was in the twenties.

  • At thirties,
  • the body mass decreases
  • metabolism is slowed down.

Most women have less muscle, because of the weight gain from pregnancy. Coupled with the stress of having to take care of the new baby, the new mum is sleep deprived. This sleep deprivation for some women contributes to weight gain. This sleep deprivation makes it difficult to shed the extra weight gained while pregnant. The sleep is interrupted and stress level is high.

Remember that during pregnancy, the body requires more calories and as a result metabolism increases.  Then after delivery, the metabolism goes back to normal making it difficult for new mums to lose weight.

Less Muscle= fewer calories to burn. 

Women in their 40’s

Women in their 40’s tend to have a decrease in  estrogen level. This decrease in estrogen level encourages extra weight to be deposited in the belly.  Normally, estrogen level fluctuate during perimenopause–usually at the time the woman is in her 40’s.

There was a study conducted in the  field of exercise and sport science which showed that low estrogen level is associated with weight gain and metabolic dysfunction.  Metabolic dysfunction put the individual at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Low estrogen is associated with weight gain

Low estrogen is associated with metabolic disorder.

Also, when a woman is in her 40’s, the thyroid gland start producing lower level of of thyroxine(T4).

Low level of thyroxine signifies hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is often diagnosed in women in their 40’s.

Women in their 50’s

Women in their 50’s might a chronic disease already. It could be arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, heart issues, eye issues etc. Most of the chronic diseases such as diabetes directly interfere with weight loss.

Women in their 60’s

Women In their 60s are already slowing down in life. Age long habits have finally caught up with the person.  high incidences of arthritis is observant high. A lot of women at this stage find it difficult to sleep at night. As a result, a lack of sleep cam interfere with weight loss efforts causing one to be overweight. 

Finally being overweight also affects the quality of sleep. Women struggle with weight gain at various ages of their life. They acccumulate weight during pregnancy, after birth of baby, during breastfeeding etc.

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