Norland Micromolecules Oligopeptide


Norland Micropeptide is a very rich source of oligopeptides to nourish the body. it is very good for the elderly and for people suffering from one ailment or the other. it helps to maintain good memory and brain flexibility. it nourishes the  body and prevent cell degeneration. it helps to regulates sugar production in the body. Norland Oligopeptides enhances good memory, brain functionality. it is anti- cancer, aids good digestion, helps to repair body cells, muscles, ease pain and lowers blood fat, blood sugar and high blood pressure. Micromolecular oligopeptides nourishes the cells of the body and prevent cell degeneration. it enhances immunity and preserves health.  it contains over 20 useful amino acids readily absorbed by the body to supply immediate nutrients to the body.



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