What A good night sleep does to your body



What good sleep can do for your body

Good night’s sleep is good for better functionality, physical functioning, physical health, personal safety, emotional wellbeing, and daytime performance.

Researchers showed that we need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to be well rested, fresh, and active.

Good Sleep

Controls your body temperature and metabolism

Keeps your immune system strong

Controls your brain function and helps in restoring your memory

Keeps your heart  and blood vessels healthy

Repairs tissues and stimulates growth in children

Regulate your appetite and weight

Helps in regulating blood glucose levels.

What happens when you do not get enough sleep

You have excessive daytime sleeplessness, tiredness, and headache

It can lead to morning nausea

It leads to poor memory

It makes it difficult for you to focus

It makes you prone to anxiety and depression

It can lead to relationship issues

Inadequate sleep leads to anger management issues.

Effects of lack of sleep

According to research by Gallup, Lack of sleep costs the US economy more than $4bn in lost productivity each year. Teen workers are among the sleep-deprived people in the workforce and the ones at the highest risk of having fallen asleep car crash

The bedroom is associated with a place of calm, respite, quietude, of relaxation.

A well-rested workforce is a more productive workforce

Cells regenerate during sleep

Lack of sleep is damaging your health

if you want to be well articulated in your speech, learn to sleep at least 8 hours. this will help you to be relaxed. Your brain cells will be well rested. Having a good night’s sleep helps to remember things well.

it even helps you to be more loving to your spouse and children.

when you do not well sleep well, you are grumpy, grouchy, and quarrelsome.