Norland Detox Pro Pack


Norland Detoxification Pro Pack is an innovative multi-functional cleanser that detoxifies the kidney, spleen, heart, liver and lungs. it is very effective when used at the early stage of some these chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke etc. it cleanses the internal body system to allow for recovery. The effective content in the herbal detox formula directly strips off toxic deposits on the cellular surface, penetrates the cells layers deeper and swiftly eliminate the toxic deposits(chemicals, toxins, debris etc.) from the cells, tissues, organ systems including the liver, spleen, blood vessels, detoxifying the whole body, making the cells clean internally and externally while cells are restored and revitalized. helps turn your body into a powerful healing machine. it dramatically improves the absorption of nutrition and medicine. It prolongs life span, helps prevent major diseases and fight against aging.

This is the only detox pack that safely and rapidly remove toxins from all five body organs of the body. it is used for liver cleansing, heart cleansing, kidney cleansing, lungs cleansing, spleen cleansing, anti cancer, promotes anti aging and it for general body cleansing.  use together with Oligopeptides, GI, energy bracelet and Health nourisole shoe pad for the perfect health restoration



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