Is Good health worth it at all?

What is good health?

Good health, is very paramount to healthy living. we must be able watch we eat . we must eat healthy,exercise and sleep adequately. In our quest for making good money, we give up on our rest.

Some of us binge on food just to keep going, while others resort to unhealthy lifestyles to keep moving forward. We end up over stressing ourselves because we are striving to make good money. Making money to increase our earning worth. We burn midnight oil to study to acquire higher degrees that will make us qualified for the next big role; for the big promotion. Sometimes even after all the hustle and bustle,  we fail short of our expectations. This introduces a high level of stress into our lives. Overtly stressed out endangers our health.

Dangers of wanting to keep alert longer

Some wants to keep alert for longer thereby consuming lots of energy drinks, caffeine saturated drinks etc. All these in a bid to perform better and stretch ourselves longer.

when the body is not rested,

  • anxiety set in.
  • Agitation sets in.
  • The person involved tend to be more aggressive than normal,
  • easily irritated,
  • finds it difficult to articulate things.
  • Cannot reason properly.
  • unfriendly
  • disagreeable

As every living thing has a limit. The body also has a limit to how far, it can be stretched. All these stress factors affects the human body cells. It weakens the body’s ability to defend itself against infection. As the body is not rested to perform its rejuvenating activities. So when an infection do occur, the body system break down. What this means is that the body system goes into a relapse mood to enable it rest, recuperate and re-energized.

There is a place for sleep and resting. it must not always be work work work.

The body’s ability to recuperate and be healthy again can be enhanced

  • when we eat healthy,
  • drink plenty of alkalized water and
  • rest appropriately.

the ability to map out time for Rest, Sleep and Relaxation is important but making sure that we actually rest, sleep and relax is much more important for healthy living than everything else.

Oyediya Akudinobi

Our health is of paramount importance because without health there is no wealth. Some people are wealthy but sitting on a wheel chair or suffering from one health ailments or the other. Some have all the money in the world but cannot enjoy it.

Failure to take adequate care of the body results in health challenges later on in life. Let’s take care of ourselves to live a healthier life