5 Mental Health hacks to actually stay sane in the face of pressure

Your State of Mental Health  and Stress

Our mental health is very important to our well-being.

Our emotional health is impacted by stress.

Your inability to handle stress influences our mental health.

Issues of life affect your mental state.

Pressures of life affects how you view life. Stresses of life affects your mental health.

Effect of pressure

Financial pressure affects you and thereby your mental health.

Undue pressure of life is not good for you.

Unending pressures of life will weigh you down.

It makes you depressed.

Undue pressure makes you to fret.

Undue pressure makes you to worry.

It makes you anxious.

And because of all these issues, it starts affecting you, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.

To be sane, do not accept undue pressure from people.

If the pressure is coming through job, try to balance your work life balance.

The last time I received a phone and the other was crying on the line, I was so much affected that I could not concentrate the whole day.

Putting financial stress on a person influences a person mental health. You felt dragged, you carry the weight, and you feel suffocated.

As much you can support others, please prioritize your health. Prioritize your mental health.


Stress on the hand makes you crave sweet things. You crave for chocolate, candies, carbonated drinks, sweetened drinks.

What is mental health?

Mental health is about our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

This encompasses how you think, feel and act.  The state of your mental health determines how you handle stress.

Stress affects your mental health and mental health affect how you handle stress.

So, this is a double-edged arrow.

The level stress affects your mental state. While your mental health affect how you handle stress.

people engage in unhealthy activities because of mental health issues. People’s relationship is affected by the mental health of both partners.

How you are treated, depends on how you present yourself.

Meaning of mental Health:

According to WHO, mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables you to cope with stresses of life, realize your abilities, learn well, work well and contribute to your community

With high levels of stress in our environment, financial stress, physical stress, work stress, job stress, stress of taking care of the elderly, pressure, and stress of raising a family, cyber bullying, you need to check the state of your mental health.

Mental health is important for all around good health.

Stress causes depression, anxiety, and worry.  When a person is depressed and anxious, you feel low.

A depressed person is sad, is unsociable. Depression is a mental health issue.

Anxiety is a mental health issue. For some people, they have anxiety attacks which needs to be managed.

Finally, do not let anyone or anything put you under undue pressure to the extent that it affects your mental health.  Do not accept responsibility that will have negative influence on your personality.

Stress affects your sunny side and rather reveals the darker side. The side that complains, snickers and bickers.

Stress influences your mental health and vice versa. Always strive to be mentally healthy.

Make your mental health your priority. because you are mentally sound, you can handle any other thing that life throws at you.


When you notice changes in our mental health in your life. when you see what you cannot manage such as depression, anxiety, please go see your healthcare practitioner


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