How to manage stress in your life

When the body is constantly under pressure, it produces high level of cortisol which encourages fat and carbohydrates metabolism. The high level of cortisol in the body increases appetite and causes the body to crave for sugary or fatty foods. As a result, the body’s metabolism is slowed down and fat tend to be accumulated on the abdomen.

The accumulation of fats on the abdomen is not good for the health. As the visceral fat also known as toxic fats releases some hormones in the body which has harmful effect on the body. One of the other function of cortisol on the body is to put the body in a state of fight or flight.

Constantly being in this state can take its toll on the body, contributing to

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • poor emotional regulation and balance.
  • affect judgement of character
  • for some it causes ulcer etc

High stress level can cause damage to the blood vessels leading to stroke. This mostly occurs when the blood pressure is high, the blood cholesterol level is equally high and the blood sugar is also high. These puts the body at risk.

what can be done to manage stress?

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Practice Yoga
  • engage in exercise
  • Take a walk outside when stressed
  • eat healthy
  • take a nap
  • take a break
  • read a book
  • be happy
  • listen to music

Finally, for us to live a healthy life, we must learn how to manage stress in our homes, in our workplace and in our relationship.

Always remember,

a stressed out person is not productive

a stressed out person is not healthy

a stressed out person is not happy

a stressed out person always finds himself or herself doing what he or she ought not to do

a stressed person is always anxious, therefore by all means learn to manage stress

Quote from Oyediya akudinobi

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