When life throws you a banana, turn it into healthy smoothie and enjoy

I wanted to started a blog but i did not know what and where to start from. I searched the internet and discovered a whole of information to go through. Such information includes WordPress.com versus WordPress.org. Self hosting plan versus a platform that host its sites. Then, the issue of themes to use and how to customize it comes next. It twas a never ending journey. Then I stumbled across Neil Patel (https://neilpatel.com/ ) and Scott Chow(https://www.theblogstarter.com/), I was able to use the practical steps they taught to build my blog and set it up for optimization. Finally today, I feel quite so much elated that wow, finally I did it. I was able to cross the hurdle and achieved my set target. I am just starting and will get better but i was able to cross the first hurdle.

Dealing With Life’s Struggles

This bring me to a whole lots of issues that we struggled with every day that seems insurmountable but which will requires time and patience to learn. Life is full of hurdles and how you handle the hurdles matters because it could either make or break you. do you throw in the towel at every little frustration or do you face the frustration squarely and determine to overcome it and come out a winner. Winners never quit and quitters never win. what an irony of life!

Why Success is Important

Do you want to win in life? then by no means quit.  Keep trudging on till you have achieved your target. Keep trying, keep moving. Celebrate little successes every step of the way. This serves as an encouragement to keep moving forward. Because the little successes becomes the motivation factor to keep, keeping on even when the odds are against you.

Are you felling frustrated with what you are trying to achieve, take heart for you will overcome. 

Success is possible if we do not give up. It might take a little bit longer but if you do not lose hope, you will surely achieve your aim. if we can learn to keep learning, we can surmount mountains. 

Finally, remember when life through you a banana, take the banana, remove the peel, turn the pulp into a smoothie and enjoy drinking  it cold.


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