9 Reasons why you can use Journaling as a self care

Journaling is a way of writing down your thought processes and emotions. you get to commit how you feel on paper. this actually help you to reduce stress and to document what causes your stress and helps to relieve it.

Journaling helps you to relieve tension and stress.


How to reduce stress


. Stress can damage your body.Stress can cause anxiety for you. You can use deep sleep to relieve stress

This is due to the fact that stress causes the release of adrenaline and cortisol.

This hormone impacts your heart rate, your blood sugar, and your blood pressure.

Putting the body into a constant state of fight and flight mode is not good for your health.

This chronic stress is not good for you. It also affects your brain.

You can breathe and in-exhale and inhale.

Sleep better. Take time out to rest and sleep during the weekend.

Stress affects your brain

9 Reasons to use Journaling as a Self-Care

According to the WHO, and World Health Organisation, self-care is a priority and not a luxury. Self-care is important to improve health and prevent diseases. Self-care is an effort a person takes to improve his or her physical, mental, and environmental health.

Exercise, finding a sense of purpose in life, and sleep have all been connected to an increased lifespan.

Journaling as a  form of self-care helps

To reduce stress and anxiety

Make you feel happier- journaling has a positive impact on your emotional health

To boost creativity-writing is a form of creative outflow or outlet and is considered a form of Art Therapy.

To improve, physical health-journaling helps you to feel better mentally and physically too.

To increase gratitude

Benefits your relationships- when you feel better mentally, you have more space, and more emotion to give to your relationships

To keep you organized

To enhance memory- journaling helps with cognitive processing. It helps you to retain information.

Journaling helps to build mental health

Journaling improves energy

Journaling helps to reduce burn-outs

Journaling helps to build stronger interpersonal relationship

Journaling improves your resilience and your mood.


when you are feeling stressed, get a journal and document how you feel and what is causing the feelings. Journaling can be in form of gratitude journaling or just a self-care journal.

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