How to burn body fat and lose weight series 3:

Body somatypes

Learn How Your body type determines the metabolism rate of your body


There are three different body types and each react differently.  


The Three body types are

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorph

Women generally have more body fat than men. 

The body fat  needed for optimal health ranges from 14% to 30% for women. And 6% to 25% for men.

Ectomorph are

  • Naturally long and lean,
  • Struggle to gain weight
  • Narrow shoulders and hips
  • Have fast metabolism
  • Have  little body fat and little muscles.
  • They have a hard time gaining weight.
  • Mesomorphs are:

  •  athletic, solid and strong.
  • Wide shoulders
  • Narrow waist
  • Thin joints
  • Round muscle belly
  • Narrow hips and clavicles
  • Small joints (wrist/ankle)
  • They are not overweight and not underweight.
  •  They both gain and loss weight without much effort.

Endomorphs Have

  • Heavier bone texture
  • Square torso
  • Wider waist
  • Larger hips
  • Slower metabolism
  • Shorter limbs
  • Thick Ribcage
  • Have rounded in appearance
  • Endomorphs have lots of fats, lots of muscle and they easily gain weight.
  • Are generally softer
  • Rounder and tend to store fat easily

Metabolism Rate

A slow metabolism is linked to weight  gain as endomorphs struggle to weight at bay.

A fast metabolism contributes to ectomorphs finding it hard to gain weight.

Some classic combinations somatotypes include 

pear-shaped ectomorphs with their thin delicate upper bodies and high fat storage in the hips and thighs


Apple shaped endo-ectomorphs with fat storage in the mid section and thin lower bodies.


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