How women over 40’s accumulate unwanted belly fat

Many women over 40 years are wondering what is happening to them. Their body system slows down, Fat is accumulated on the abdomen, on the hips and on the thighs . When they eat, their metabolism now is so slow down. And they begin to ask the following questions:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • What have i done wrong?
  • Who have i offended?
  • Am i getting old?
  • Am i sick? etc

These are normal reactions of the body of women over 40 years. The bodies of women approaching menopause is gradually changing. Some hormones are low in production. These leads to the women struggling with weight gain. They struggle with accumulation of belly fat. They struggle with accumulation of hip fat deposition. They struggle with thigh fat deposition. This fat deposition is dependent upon the body types. A lot of women find that their waist region is getting stockier and bulkier than before. The abdomen is bulging out for no reasons. The clothes no longer fit. The arms are thick like Christian mothers arms. The clothes no longer to fit. it becomes a normal norm to wear a waist girdle or a body trainer to look presentable.

For women that are mothers, you notice that your abdomen shoots out and when you wear your clothes, there are bulges that your are no longer comfortable with.

A lot of women struggle with keeping fit and being active as they were before they reach the age of 40. This is because, the body chnages as one gets old. In your 30’s, the body metabolises food quickly. The food is broken down relatively fast but as you gets to 40’s and above, the metabolism slows down. The food tends to take a longer long time to be digested. The food tend to last longer in the body. so this makes it for the body to accumulate fat. The fats that is stored by the body for energy is most times not utilised. This means that more and more fats gets accumulated into the system. The it is not being up. so this is like stockpiling fats in your body. And as a result, it starts to be accummulated in the midriff of the body. The abdomen gets bulkier. The once a beautiful shape starts getting out of shape. You look at yourself in the mirror and you seem not to like what you see.

With the unwanted belly fat gain , then sets in sadness. Then depression follows. The women develops a low self esteem. You start comparing yourself with other. Allowing depression to set is a dangerous thing. As depression opens doors to many different unhealthy emotions.

If I am in this situation,What should I do about about it?

  • Realize that it is bound to happen
  • For women who are mothers, it even happen earlier than at 40.
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Introduce exercise into your regime
  • Eliminate fatty foods
  • Eliminate too sugary foods
  • Introduce fruits and vegetables into your meals
  • Avoid eating late night meals
  • eat dinner on time
  • Introduce drinking tea into your daily regime
  • Take healthy supplements
  • Finally, eat light meals in the evening.

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