Losing weight in a sustainable way.

There are different ways to lose weight. 

The fast and instant way and the long-term sustainable weight loss program.

When you want to lose weight, you can be motivated by extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

Sudden weight loss also involves the loss of muscle and loss of water. 

It happens when you lose weight following a yo-yo dieting program that allows you to lose weight rather quickly. 

But in some of these programs, there is no way to keep off the weight after you have completed the program, you are unable to keep off weight.

But when you want to lose weight in a rather sustainable way, you choose to focus on what really matters.

You can focus on maintaining your stamina, increasing your energy, or losing weight to keep healthy.

If you want to look great, you can decide to lose weight. There are different methods for losing weight.

Some embark on a short-term weight loss program while others involve a more long-term weight loss program.

These programs all work depending on your motivation factor to lose weight.

There are two motivation factors-

  • Intrinsic and
  • Extrinsic factor.

We will start by discussing the extrinsic factor first

The extrinsic factor is motivation to lose weight because of how you want to look.  For example, you want to look thin for your wedding or your cousin’s wedding. You want to look to avoid being ridiculed.

Intrinsic factor is when you are losing weight because you need

  • Improve your stamina
  • To improve your mood
  • To improve your self-esteem
  • To increase your energy levels

It is worthy to note that people motivated by extrinsic factors can lose weight in the short term and those motivated by intrinsic factors keep it off long term.

To be successful in your weight loss program, you have to be motivated by intrinsic factors motivated by health reasons.

Focusing on intrinsic factor-non appearances such as improved stamina, increased energy, controlled cholesterol level, and more manageable blood pressure are more successful in achievable and keeping off the goal.

To lose weight in a more sustainable way, you need to do the following

  • Be physically active
  • Eat Healthily
  • Manage your stress
  • Sleep better

Have a more realistic weight loss plan to help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

You even need a planner to document your weight loss journey using a planner that will help you monitor your goal or track your goal per week for 90 days.

This planner will help you to track your sleeping pattern

  • Your mood
  • Your snacking habits
  • Your exercises

Your eating pattern which you can review per time to correct what needs to be corrected and adjust your weight loss program.

Adding physical activity to your health regime has been linked to cardiorespiratory fitness. This is linked to lower mortality risk

Physical activity improved heart health markers and helped participants maintain their weight loss over time.

Healthy eating plan- focus on reducing your calories by 300 to 300 calories per day instead of trying to reduce 1000 calories per day.

Finally, develop a weight loss program that caters to your future health first,

you must emphasize eating nutrient-dense foods,

being physically active,

managing your stress, sleeping well, and

practicing plenty of self-care.